Monday, March 14, 2016

UCF Update

My alma mater UCF continues to do wonderful things for people with disabilities. First of all, the Doctor of  Physical Therapy Program has held two workshops based on GoBabyGo, a program in which motorized toy cars are retrofitted with items such as PVC pipes for $250 to $300. This allows children up to age 3 with mobility impairments to explore their surroundings. For more information and to watch a brief video, go to

Additionally, Limbitless Solutions, the UCF team that creates bionic arms for children, recently invented a 3-D printed device that helps people with spinal-cord injuries move their wheelchairs. With a production cost of $300 to $500, the device consists of a small box attached to the wheelchair's joystick, which picks up signals from sensors near a person's forehead. For more information, go to

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