Monday, August 22, 2016

Dorian Willes: Keeping His Eyes on the Prize

I mentioned bobsled/skeleton racer Dorian Willes in my August 8 post about the 9th Annual Youth Summit, but his latest accomplishments merit a post about him alone (not to mention the fact today is his birthday). To give you a little background, part of Willes's right leg was amputated after being shot 21 times by police in Boise, Idaho, in 2008. He was in a coma for months before he went to jail on drug and malicious injury to property charges. Fortunately, Willes decided to take a different direction in life.

Fast forward to August 2016: A week ago, Willes (also a motivational speaker) was featured as #4 on ESPN's SportsCenter Top Ten with Stan & Neil. Over the weekend, he won first place in three events at the WABDL Great Northern Bench Press & Deadlift Championships in Olympia, Washington. Willes' goal is to compete in the skeleton event at the 2018 Winter Paralympics. For more information and updates, go to Happy Birthday, Dorian Willes, and I hope you'll have a great year!

I with Dorian Willes

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